Our Services


We at Air Cool Refrigeration are well experienced to know your requirements. We will be able to assess exactly as to what system you require, so when you purchase the system from us you can relax as it will be the right choice for you.


Our workmen know the uniqueness of every installation and are highly experienced to handle each situation. We guarantee our work for 5 years. When we quote, we take care of every minute details of installation. You can sit back, relax and recommend us to your friends.


Every System requires timely service and maintenance to have healthy air flow . We undertake  to service and maintain your air conditioner in good running condition. Our friendly staff will advise you what kind of service you require and when you need it.


We undertake Annual Maintenance Contract so that your installed system never stop working. You can rely on us to have us on any emergency situation. You dont have to worry about timely maintenance as we keep a track of it.

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